And let be honest, you also paying a premium for half decent

No chafing or pain when you take them off after a long run. And let be honest, you also paying a premium for half decent looking sports glasses (not to everyone taste though I sure). Most of the cheap sports glasses here in the UK look terrible.. Who We Think Will Win: This is going to be a close call between Star Wars and Hunger Games. Hunger Games was killing it due to the huge fan base, but Star Wars has a HUGE fan base overall. And he doesn’t love Chewie and Han Solo coming home? Grab the tissues..

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cheap oakley sunglasses In the wake of these developments, the science of optometry was advanced considerably. Much of the leap forward in the field of optometry came due to Von Rohr, he made thinner lenses possible and that in turn led to a marked decrease in the distortion of the eye others see when looking at the eyes of a person wearing glasses. Sometime after the Von Rohr advancements, scientists began searching and experimenting for ways not only to improve lenses and correct vision, but to enhance aesthetics as well cheap oakley sunglasses.

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